Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 episode 2 was visually appealing and an interesting one as well. The entire episode was shot beautifully and we loved how every sequence in all the scenes were choreographed. From all the characters to the sets to the music, as the audience, we’ve been drawn into Khuda Aur Mohbbat 3 episode 2, however we missed watching Junaid Khan on screen and wonder how his role will further unravel.


Since Farhad has majorly disappointed his father, Waseem Abbas, therefore he immediately finds him a job to help him as well. In spite of being the second son, Feroze Khan is the baby of the family and a spoiled one at that, thanks to his siblings and and an over caring mother played by Asma Abbas. I love how she adds the mirch and masala to her role and her nok jhok with her husband. She definitely lights up the screen.

Farhad and Mahi’s first meeting was nothing extra ordinary and there were certainly no sitar’s or violins playing in the background, but every time Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice lingers and penetrates into a scene, the visuals and performances are amplified. So a misunderstanding brings these two characters together which Iqra and Feroze played very well.

Now since episode 1, Iqra’s performance is all the characters we’ve seen her play in the past from Suno Chanda to Jhooti, there’s no new angle to her performance, but she still does it well. Whereas Feroze emulates Farhad nicely into his role and we really like his expressions and the swag he brings to the role when need be. So now, it’s like a play of words and fun between Farhad and Mahi which will be a treat to watch.


So Hina Bayat has made an entry and she seems like someone influential as she’s shown entering the mazaar. Her conversation with Baba Saeen played by Noor-ul-Hassan added the element of depth and graveness to what will further happen in Khuda or Mohabbat 3. What’s interesting though is Noor-ul-Hassan’s appearance, he seemed to clean and polished for a Baba Saeen look, perhaps if he worked on look more rough around the edges would have been more convincing especially the accent.


So far, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 episode 2 has not disappointed us, we’ve been quickly roped into each characters nerve and from the leads to the supporting actors and to the mesmerizing soundtrack, episode 2 has set the tone thus far.

The question we have now is that, is Mahi going to play with Farhad to get what she wants while he interprets all that she does as love?

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.