Luscious Basic Make Up Brushes Kit

Makeup itself is all about the product, but the results are in the application. And so, the secret to flawless application lies in the kind of tools you use to apply this makeup. Naturally, if you are using your fingers to apply blush you are not going to see any stellar results. Perhaps, just patches of color on the face. There is a reason why they are called makeup ARTISTS, people!

Basic Make Up Brushes - Face

For our readers and all the makeup lovers out there, Luscious brings you expert advice on understanding the importance of makeup brushes and which one you should use for what purpose!

The Foundation Brush:

All makeup lovers know that foundation is the first step [after moisturizing, of course!]. Your foundation brush must have tightly packed bristles with a tapered tip so liquid foundation can easily be applied. For flawless finish you can dampen your brush in warm water and squeeze it with a towel – this will help you achieve even application. For getting rid of the lines use a damp wedge sponge!

Double Ended Concealer Brush

The concealer is one of the key tools of the trade. This brush is used for concealing freckles, pigmentations on the skin, blemishes, spots and even dark circles. One side will be a tip that is tapered to a point. The point is incredibly useful for absolute precision for those hard to reach parts. The other end features a wide flat brush for the larger parts like under the eyes, pigmentation and/or color differences on the cheeks, lip area and more.

The Angled Blush Brush

The angled blush brush is ideal for contouring. The bristles should be natural fibers that help in adding the right angles to your cheekbones and while contouring the entire face. This brush can also be used for highlighting.

The Large Powder Brush

This brush should be super-soft, large and velvety to the touch. It is ideal for applying loose powdered blush and for general blending of your makeup.

The Stippling Brush

No doubt a difficult brush to tackle, especially for makeup novices. This brush is meant to be a flat-topped brush that works as an airbrushing tool for producing high definition results. It can used with all mediums of makeup including powder & liquid foundations, shimmers, blushes, mineral-based powders and more. The right stippling brush will have duo-fibers design that will help it pick and hold any kind of product in the base bristles and for a flawless finish the top, feathery ones can be used.

The best part? Luscious offers you all these five brushes in a handy kit useful for storing, maintaining and carrying brushes in travel all for PKR 2950/- You can even buy the brushes online from their website

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.