Eye Lash Extensions - SADAF ZARRAR

Should you ditch the mascara and opt for the trendy eye lash extensions? While this trend has been picking up frenzy, we also decided to get our lash extensions by hooking up with Sahar Razi of Get Lashed, who is a certified lash extension professional artist and has received her training from one of the UK’s premium lash brand, Lash Perfect and Nouveu Lashes, in the UAE. Why are eyelash extensions the new in thing in beauty? Are they a total time and money saver? Come join us as we experience a beauty transformation with Sahar Razi.


  • The process of lash extensions is not painful at all, in fact it’s a relaxing experience.
  • It’s important to keep your eyelashes clean so continue with the regime of cleaning the area around your eyes when you have lash extensions.
  • Having the extensions will not damage your natural lashes.
  •  It is completely up to you when and how often you want the extensions.
  • If you’re under professional hands, the process of extensions can be performed in one hour.
  • Lash extension can last anywhere from two week to six weeks or more depending on your natural lashes as they are glued to them.
  • Since the lashes or glue don’t touch your skin, risk for allergies or infections is negligible.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.