Do you know what’s really happening on the runway of global fashion? Well, it’s the latest thing and trending, and the multinational UK brand, NEXT is adopting all that’s in vogue. Popular for their clothing, footwear and accessories in Pakistan, Next offers men, women and children a tavern of stylish items that will keep you ahead of the latest fashion and trends around the world.

Next in Pakistan has a wide range of styles for both men and women from casual to semi formal wear. Starting from the men’s range, Next is a one-stop solution for any guy who is looking to dress up nicely for any occasion; Shirts, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Trousers/Jeans, Jackets, Suits, Shorts and Ties. So, if he’s looking to suit up, he will find a variety of dress shirts and tropical suits in different colours that can be worn. Looking for a tie and matching pair of socks? Next has it all in store for you because of the multitude of options and what not from stripes to polka dots, to solid colours and patterns. Apart from the formal section, you will also find uber-cool casual wear for a metro and retro look and different types of footwear to go with each look in loafers and oxfords etc – so look no further because there is a NEXT store near you.

Women’s Fashion isn’t far behind though. Lucky are we because the Next girl makes statements with every piece of item she chooses to wear, be it apparel, accessories, shoes and bags, loungewear and sleepwear, and even lingerie. So, it completely depends on what your style is. You can either dress up as a power women (the mantra nowadays), or opt from the abundance of casuals. And the best part is that, you will find all the possible sizes, because Next has a bit of everything for everyone.

Fashion has become a commodity now and be it men or women; it’s an essential part of our lives today. With 10 stores in Pakistan, we wonder what’s next for Next?!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast