Lipton’s new digital film ‘JagaoUmeedSaathReh Ker’ brings us hope for a better tomorrow!

Amidst the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, some people around the world are practicing social distancing and are locked up inside their homes, while others are stuck at unusual places away from their loved ones.

Recently, we came across this particular digital film by Lipton, which has been executed while keeping in mind the difficult times that we are going through. The minute-long digital film was beautifully shot and had some brilliant moments that would definitely tug at your heartstrings. The film had the theme of togetherness at its core, further explained by the tagline ‘JagaoUmeedSaathReh Ker.’

It’s an extraordinary effort on Lipton Pakistan’s part because, through the film, they aim to bring loved ones together in a time of crisis and uncertainty. The film has a strong message of positivity.

During times like these, it is normal to feel lost, hopeless, and sluggish, but being around your family members and loved ones can actually prevent that from happening. That’s because our loved ones really are our sources of hope, happiness, and inspiration. Even though it’s strictly advised to stay home and away from others, staying connected with the people that you love is equally essential. It’s about the ways and things that you can do to bond with your loved ones in these trying times.

Lipton is trying to encourage everyone who is locked up in homes to make the most of the situation at hand while staying in touch and keeping a check on people that are important to you.

The ad opens with the haunting shot of empty streets and deserted public places that once used to be brimming with happy people. The film also touched upon the aspect of Ramzan during lockdown and how it hasn’t diminished the holy month’s spirit. It showed how people have befriended their neighbors who they didn’t know before and are taking this time to spend with their kids and families.

There’s an adorable moment of three generations of women participating in a TikTok video, which will definitely bring a smile to your face. It also shows us how people have taken this time to learn new skills, share their passions and professions on social media platforms, trying their hands on new recipes, and doing things that help you connect with your parents and siblings.

If you haven’t checked it out already, please do. It’s a must-watch if you need that much-needed pick-me-up during these hard times. Watch it, share it with your loved ones, and bring a smile on their faces. After all, that’s what ‘JagaoUmmedSaathReh Ker’ is all about.