We love watching Pakistani drama’s, but there are some characters that we simply love to hate because they’ve managed to piss us off from the start. And the fact that how our industry has evolved and has opened doors for new plots, and developed real-life characters that actually make up half of our society is something to be glad about. So read on to find out the characters we hate, err (don’t really like) and why!


Noman Ijaz knew how to push our buttons with his portrayal as Joey Mama in Dar Si Jati Hai Sila. His character had every bit of the trait that we hate, and everything that is possibly wrong and sadly prevalent in our society. From dialogue delivery to the tone of his voice and his expressions, we despised his lack of moral fiber as Joey the saint, and also applaud Noman Ijaz for teaching us how to identify such people.


Naeema was bitter, downright brutal, materialistic and ill-tempered, was willing sacrifice anything or anyone for the sake of her desires, and literally annihilate anyone who came in her way, including her own family. Iqra Aziz garnered quiet the attention for her role in Khamoshi and got her character trolled on Twitter in a hate-spree! Now that’s an achievement? Guess Iqra was doing something right to get her viewers irked!


Zun Mureed is about domestic violence, its repercussions and a woman fighting for her rights. Omair Rana as Sajjad is the perfect husband until he gives into societal pressures and inflicts abuse on his wife. Men are not supposed to be the weak link in a relationship, however if they are, then that relationship is fated to struggle and trouble.


Rushna played by Kinza Hashmi is an over-confident girl who is materialistic to the point of being dismal towards everything that shines because she wants it. So when she plays with Arham’s feelings thinking he’s Mehrab, that’s when you realise that this character has a lot of potential for being hated. And this is why Rushna makes it to our list.


Mashal Khan managed to become the kebab may hadi by never letting Arsal and Jiya have their moment because she was a jealous and spiteful girl who only wanted to annoy everyone. Even though with Suno Chanda’s lighthearted vibes, Kinza was the most distasteful character for trying to keep Arsal and Jiya apart.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.