There is no doubt, the beauty platform in Pakistan’s brand scenario belongs to LUX. Being a LUX girl has always had a certain prestige attached to it. It means you are perfection personified. You are beautiful, desirable, strong, successful and you can rule the world. lux girls

Over the years many women from the showbiz industry have been given the opportunity to represent LUX. From memorable faces such as Shakila Qureshi (how many of you remember her?) Neeli, Barbara Sharif and Reema, to more easily forgotten Nirma, LUX ads have always featured beautiful women who are leaders in their own rite.

Glamor has defined these ads, as we see extremely well turned out ladies endorsing ‘Zara Sa Lux’. Some of our favorites like Amina Haq, Iman Ali, Amina Sheikh and Mahira Khan have also graced our screens as the LUX girl.

The latest ad featuring the 3M’s (Mahira, Maya, Mawra) got us all nostalgic, and we walked down memory lane to pick our favorite LUX ads till date. (Sorry ladies we didn’t include Fawad’s ads here)


Back in 1994, I remember being mesmerized by the ad, and often copying the lines in the washroom. Featuring Samina Peerzada, Shakila Qureshi, Reema Khan and Neeli, this was the first time (or so I remember) that a Pakistani ad featured 4 beautiful and successful actresses together. Known for their grace beauty and talent, the ad showcased in the most effective way what it means to be a LUX girl. Older than most SiddySays family, this ad really is a blast from the past.


Featuring Babara Sharif, Meera, Iman Ali, Amina Haq and Veenza Ahmed  the ad came out in 2006. While it upped the game of the brand, seeing so many beautiful women together was a treat and a half. A complete show of power and glamor, the ladies were portrayed as go getters with the world at their feet, and that’s what we love.


Released in 2012, the ad features Reema Khan, Meera (again), Humaima Malik and Mahira Khan (for the first time). Another favorite because it shows the power of the brand, and ads a mystery element and want in the ad. The ladies look beautiful and sensual as the ad hits the right aesthetic notes.


The latest stars to be crowned as LUX girls, Maya Ali and Mawra Hocane join the ever so beautiful Mahira Khan who has been endorsing the brand for sometime. Shot in Bahawalpur, the ad is directed by Asim Raza (as usual), and introduces us to three new fragrances from the perfume collection. Mahira as usual is red hot representing the rose collection, Mawra is herself in a princess pink and Maya is representation of elegance as she endorses the gardenia fragrance. The ad as usual oozes glamor, power and beauty, with all the ladies looking breath taking (but Mahira wins this one again!).

Cant wait to see who is next on the LUX list!!

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.