Mawra Hocane’s so much fun with a lot of spirit, and we think she’s fabulous with some great work to her name in films and TV. But with Daasi and Sabaat, we aren’t sure what’s going on, so here’s what we think. Please, we’d be happy if you disagreed.


Daasi was an epic disappointment considering the pre-screening hype, and the fact that Mawra Hocane was returning to the screen after Aangan, as well as debuting on-screen opposite Adeel Hussain. What seemed so promising and exciting from the teasers, depicting a love story, actually turned out to be a typical tale of betrayal, misunderstandings and hatred towards women with one utterly annoying character, Shahb-ud-Din. Like we’ve not seen enough of that already, Aliya and Aahil’s mother are the icing on the cake! We somehow got lost in the midst of Daasi when all the confusion started because the very love story we were hoping for turned into a sob, pining with evil people incessantly plotting against Sunehri.


Fast forward Daasi, Mawra re-appeared on the small screen with her role as Anaya in Sabaat with Sarah Khan, Usman Mukhtar and Ameer Gillani. Mawra belongs to a middle class setup and despite her modest appearance, she’s quiet forthright and progressive in her views about life as she stands up for some relevant social and societal issues. On the other hand, Sara Khan portrays the role of a rich and spoiled girl who is demanding and controlling by nature and wills everything the way she deems fit. Ameer Gilani plays Hassan, Mawra’s love interest and Usman Mukhtar is yet to make his entry. However, so far, Sabaat, that wants to highlight the prejudices between the different social classes that exist,also lacks depth.  Things might change (we sincerely hope) as both, Mawra and Sarah have convincingly played their parts, but for now, Sabaat is unable to grab our attention.


Mawra Hocane has two strong drama serials to her credit with Sammi and Aangan, so we can say that she knows a thing or two about acting. However, we’re lately thinking about her choice of roles, or should we say, the scripts that she’s chosen to do with Daasi and Sabaat.

Sunehri and Anaya are two different characters tied in two different plots, but there’s nothing unique about them. It’s like each of the characters time traveled from Daasi to Sabaat in the same avatar with lackluster chemistry, irrelevant screen time for things that shouldn’t even matter with some good performances at times, but we didn’t and couldn’t connect with either of her roles and that’s when you’re unimpressed and decide to flip the channel.

I hope we’re too quick to judge it, but we’re losing interest in Sabaat just like we did with whilst watching Daasi. Probably the one thing that we’re interested in right is now Sarah’s character, Miraal and how her part will unfold with Usman Mukhtar’s entry. Other than that, we think that Sabaat also might be another miss in Mawra’s career.

Let us know your thoughts!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.