Mira Sethi’s an unconventional smart beauty with a lot of class and sass, and after watching her portray the role of a wife who turns into a victim of domestic abuse in Yeh Dil Mera, we can say that she’s also a brilliant actor who has shone through within her space.

So, we caught up with up Mira Sethi and are super excited to share this EXCLUSIVE BTS where we picked on Mira’s thoughts about her character as Nilofer and what’s next for this not-so-secret superstar.

1. You’re being highly appreciated for your role as Nilofer in Yeh Dil Mera. How did you prepare for the character of a trusting wife who faces domestic abuse and betrayal?

I always knew Nilofer was strong; both the script and the director made that aspect of her personality clear from the beginning. So while she’s terrified when she first learns of her husband’s double-life as a murderer, she’s determined to stand up to him—at any cost. She’s terrified for her child, and will do anything to keep her child safe from the man who (ironically) claims to love her the most.

2. Which was the most difficult part to shoot as Nilofer?

The scene where Mir Farooq Zaman beats Nilofer was hard to do, but Adnan Siddiqui and I discussed what would happen, and that’s always a good thing to do before a scene. The director told me the scene in the corridor – when Nilofer first hears of Mir Farooq’s treacherousness – was my important scene and I gave it my all. After the scene, the director Aehsun Talish patted my head and said, “shahbash.”

3. Is there anything you would have liked to change or add anything in your role as Nilofer?

I would perhaps have liked more interactions with Mir Farooq where his behaviour is weird without being fully sinister, and Nilofer picking up on things but not being able to piece together why he’s acting the way he is. Later, that strange behaviour becomes clear. That would’ve been cool.

4. What’s next for Mira? A lead in a new drama anytime soon, a movie maybe or theater?

Yes, a lead in drama serial “Chupke Chupke” with Osman Khalid Butt, Sohai Ali Abro, Ali Safina, and Asma Abbas. It’s a comedy! Can’t wait for you to watch it next year InshaAllah!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.