Have you seen Andhadhun yet? Because if you haven’t, then trust me, you’re missing out on one of most engaging thriller movies, and probably a decent one, after a string of period, action and comedy movies from B-Town. I like nothing more than a movie that keeps me guessing, and this neo-noir is a wicked treat that keeps you on the edge; from a walk down the streets to a mere phone call. You will never know what’s going to happen and THAT’S exactly what clicks in the film.

Starring Ayushman Khurran, the charming chocolate boy who can tug on our hearts strings with that oh-so sweet smile of his alongside veteran actress Tabu, who still looks gorgeous by the way, and an outstanding low-key supporting cast (Radhika Apate) don’t fail to impress you with their antics, and therefore make Andhadhun a trick in plain sight.

Inspired by a French short film L’Accordeur or The Piano Tuner by Olivier Treiner, Andhadhun is nerve-wracking, and the main culprit and protagonist is a PIANO. The narrative of the film is audacious, it plays tricks with your mind and creates tension with an ease that you feel, but cant quiet comprehend. We were so elated to see Ayushman break free from his generic roles that we all can relate to; from Vicky Donor to Bareily Ki Barfi, this underdog of an actor is truly skilled and Andhadhun is one clear affirmation.

So what basically happens? Ayushman a pitch-perfect pianist who feigns blindness to achieve greatness as an artist, he later witnesses a man’s murder and that is how he get entangled in a web of murders and revenge back and forth in a terrific build up of dark comedy. Tabu is a femme fatale who likes to keep her crabs in the freezer before boiling them to avoid any kind of shock, she is deliciously dangerous and inevitably good with every scene, thus proving her craft as a timeless actor. The entire cast is so good at misleading, so you cant say much but applaud the director of the film and appreciate his vision for the film and his actors.

Without giving much away, Andhadun is a HUGE set up of lies and minute-by-minute deceits covered up by an interesting background score till the very last minute, the end is open to interpretations and questions. Clearly we’re still hooked on the edge of our seats that is why we suggest that you watch Andhadhun on Netflix or rent a movie. But be sure to be prepared to witness a class of dark arts and tangible misery that seems perpetual.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.