Within a month’s time 2 superhero movies came to screens from Hollywood. Both the plots revolved around 2 super heroes fighting each other! Batman Vs Superman and last weekend, Captain America Civil War.

Both the movies were similar and different at the same time. While Batman Vs Superman was on a dull, depressing and a little disappointing side, Captain America Civil War is full of energy and often hilarious making it a fun watch.

The movie is almost Avengers part 3 (or you may call it “Avengers 2.5”) since almost all Avengers regulars are in attendance, with exception of Thor and Hulk.

The drama within The Avengers ensemble is often far more than any group of friends and families, and like friends and families in real life the gang gets back together eventually.


The Avengers are on a mission to save the world and help innocent people after what happened in Sokovia (ref Age of Ultron) and some recent event in Civil War (not giving you spoilers) The Avengers are forced to sign a document which bids them under UN who will be ‘babysitting’ The Avengers, and this where the conflict arises between Team Iron Man and Team Captain America!

If you don’t already know we’ll list down members of both teams.


Team Iron Man

War Machine (You might have seen him in Iron Man movies)

Black Widow (Her name is enough)

Black Panther (New entrant in the gang)

The Vision (From age of Ultron)

Spider-Man (Boy from Queens is in major league now)



Team Captain America 

Hawkeye: (Bow and lots of arrows)

Sharon Carter: (Focus on her last name)

Falcon: (Captain’s wingman)

Bucky Barnes: (Ex villain: new best friend)

Ant-Man: (Another newbie in The Avenger squad)

Scarlet Witch: (Lost her brother in Age of Ultron not losing anyone anytime soon)


The action and cinematography is amazing. The airport action sequence is something that might just leave you breathless. There is darkness in the movie, and there is depth, but the important thing is that it remains fun . Oh and needless to say, don’t miss Stan Lee’s cameo and do stay for the post-credits scene.