mushk episode 11

Let me start by saying that, Mushk episode 11 was a huge mess because there were a series of events going on in one episode, so the sequence, even though was very haphazard, it didn’t have much of an impact either. Adam and Mehek’s engagement was an important event which was totally over shadowed by Rohsni’s escape, and on top of that, to add Shayan’s stint was another wrong step (I feel) and I’ll tell you why!

We know the circumstances in which Adam and Mehek are being tied down, so I was hoping for an emotional spell in Mushk episode 11, a moment of shock, truth and realization for the lead actors, which did come to Adam when he struggled with the idea of being with Mehek as an injustice to his feelings, but he went ahead to being used for his feelings for her anyway. Whereas, Mehek who we know is so self-involved that even though she’s sitting on the stage, she’s constantly thinking of her ailing child and if Shayan was found.

So, instead of giving you a quick run down of our weekly review of Mushk, here are the things that I kept thinking of while watching Mushk episode 11.

Mushk episode 11 opened with Shayan and his maami discussing the events of their lives and how things unfolded. And I personally think that this was an important scene that was building up over the few episodes, and with their past interaction I was hoping for a more meaningful conversation between these two and that Shayan would at least tell her the truth about Mehek and Shameer, But, in a way I am glad that this scene highlighted the weak side of his character, because it showed that Shayan was willing to sacrifice another child’s life over his sisters children instead of standing up to tyrants like Muqaddar Khan. I feel that his maami has more substance in her role than Shayan because he’d rather give in than fight for what is right. Puff! Clearly Shayan and Mehek are made for each other.

Another scene that I found odd was when Roshni’s father comes to have a little heart to heart with her. Over 10 episodes not once have we seen the girls interact with their father and nor has he ever shown them any affection, so when he shows remorse and regret over his behaviour out of the blue because she was getting married felt a bit out of place for me. It was like a filler scene without any background. What was even peculiar was when Guddi comes in and orders chotu to take him since the baraati were waiting downstairs. I mean, we know Guddi is running the show, but didn’t the father have any say in this? After he all did decide to come to talk to his daughter.

Adam and Mehek’s were two puppets in this episode, who had nothing significant to add or say and their scenes were shot in really poor lighting and set up. While both were uncomfortable around each other, both of them kept thinking about themselves (the only thing common between them so far). I found their reactions the most laughable in the end of the episode though, when Dr. Saab is showing his poor theatrics to the dulha party to hide Roshni’s disappearance. Adam and Mehek acted those scenes awfully, they had the “now what?” look on their faces.

So, finally Roshni is a runaway bride, all thanks to Guddi who does this only to get her sweet revenge against Zulekha. And even though Roshni wants to be with Saqib, her conscience keeps digging at her, but that doesn’t stop her and they both end up together. Now what? Honestly, I’m still not okay with Saqib and his feelings for Roshni, perhaps it’s the look on his face, it’s confusing. And by the way, he still has the money that Zulekha gave him for getting out of Roshni’s life and she doesn’t know it yet. But in the larger scheme of things, even though their love story will come to an end once the truth is out, Guddi gives Zulekha a taste of her medicine and revels in her victory while Zulekha weeps and Dr. Saab comes to her help. I wonder what that favour is? Hmm!

mushk episode 11 qavi khan

I sometimes think that Qavi Khan’s character is a ghost that lives on the train station and shares wise words of wisdom with whoever he stumbles upon on the train station. From episode 1 to episode 11, whether it was Mehek, Guddi or Roshni, he says things that people are generally thinking off but won’t admit. He just makes things obvious!


Mushk episode 11 was a cliched episode with loopholes and very important scenes with dull impact. I feel the director took on too much to show in one episode. Anyway the preview of episode 12 shows that everybody will be bent on finding Roshni and Mr. Shayan who is not so smart will end back in the trap of Muqaddar Khan. Oh grape!


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.