Last night Mushk episode 22 was quite thrilling with so much going on at the same time. The promo last week had suggested that we’d delve more in the love triangle between Adam, Guddi and Mehek, however the writer, very smartly, integrated all the plots; from Adam and Guddi’s new love, to Mehek’s decision for a Khula, Chota Malik’s return to Shayan’s rebellion towards Muqaddar Khan – we enjoyed every bit of Mushk episode 22.

Finally we were glad to see Dada Jee make an appearance, however his reaction and excitement to see Chota Malik recovered left a big question for me, which was, “Was Dada Jee never aware of Chota Malik’s womanizing behaviour and his abusive relationship with Zulekha?” Also, it was heart breaking to see that Guddi is willing to give up Adam because of the kind of life she’s had to live, it certainly showed how strong willed she is, but at the same time, I also felt that having gone through a tough life, she does deserve to be happy. Either way, I really like how Guddi’s track has changed to having occupied a chunk in Adam’s heart.

Apart from the main plots, there were two important situations that we couldn’t sideline in Mushk episode 22;

  1. when Chota Malik stopped Guddi on her way downstairs and took her hesitancy and uncomfortable feelings towards him as shyness. For men like Chota Malik who are use to having their way over women through power and lust do not understand the concept of “marzi” or the fact that “no means no”.
  2. The Peer and his wife perhaps had to be the most dumb founded moment for me and highlighted how men like him use greed and religion to entrap men as a part of revenge and ill behaviour that they have had to face in their past life and that they can use their own interpretation of religion to twist the lives of men who trust their decisions. His wife’s reaction towards the Peer definitely left me thinking how true and aptly the situation was portrayed.

Anyway, so here’s a synopsis of Mushk episode 22.


I truly like how the writer shown the evolution in Adam’s character going from a man who was completely besotted with Mehek to now struggling for his feelings towards Guddi. And with that I also like how Adam remains in character with Mehek, ever willing to help her unconditionally even now when she wants a Khula. I am also glad that the writer chose to answer the most pertinent question that we’ve raised in the past reviews that, why did Mehek not question Shayan’s betrayal when she had the chance and with this Adam urged Mehek that he will ask him if she won’t. And the fact that Adam chose to evade Mehek’s request to give Shameer’s name felt cruel as she doesn’t take in account Adam’s feelings.

Futhermore, even though Adam’s mother has played a supporting role thus far, however I genuinely appreciate the way the writer has shown the mother-son relationship, she sees Adam’s kind heart and goodness towards everyone and doesn’t want him to suffer and feel loveless, therefore her acceptance to meet Guddi shows that she is open to taking in Guddi for her son’s happiness.

Adam’s confusion, moving like a pendulum to and fro, thinking what he should do was one of the highlight scenes of Mushk episode 22 and we love how Guddi has become an integral part of his life now!

mushk episode 22: guddi


Guddi’s strong in spite of everything life’s thrown at her and she also knows how to maneuver through situations. She’s head over heels for Adam and the last 2 episodes were proof enough, but Guddi also knows where she stands. My heart ached for her when she sent Mehek in a play of words and offered her best as a way of giving up something she so dearly cherishes. But I am more eager to see how that translates in the future episodes. For now, I’m also worried how Chota Malik is after her and if she will let Adam in for help since she awoke a sleeping monster. This and the fact that she helped Roshni elope are some significant truths that should come out. But how will they shape Guddi’s fate is questionable!


Chota Malik has definitely made his presence felt after being bed ridden and now is a part of the main leads. I feel awfully sorry for Zulekha and the way she’s been feeling since he is up and running. I hope that Guddi feels some remorse for her and helps her in any way since he is back to his old self and even though every body knows it in a way but are afraid to say anything.

mushk episode 22: shayan's rebellion


Shayan’s a different person now and we like that about him. The once afraid man is now standing up against the tyranny of Muqaddar Khan and showing his game face because the nikkah to his minor cousin left him distraught and bucked up his conscience to fight for himself. And the fact that Muqaddar Khan also dwindles between giving in to taking the lead on things head on infront of Shayan is also an interesting mix. We can’t wait to see Shayan’s track unfold and turn him into a hero!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.