Mushk episode 7 has made me realize that we aredeliberately made to predict the plot, however things go otherwise. The ever-dotting dada jee who adores Mehek has refused to even listen to her side of the story because no matter how forward thinking he may be, but we know his priorities and the name he’s made for himself. And therefore Mehek is hopeless and waiting for a miracle to happen.

Whatever happened in episode 6, has been smartly but viciously played out in Mushk episode 7. Guddi is on top of things and has her game face on and Zulekha? Ah! I still cant believe that I actually felt sorry for her in episode 1. That’s the power of writing thorough details of each character and we know whom to credit this for! From Shayan to Sajjad, Roshni or Muqaddar Khan, every character brings something to the table with the way they’ve been written (just like the flow of water) making their own path as the story prrogresses.

Anyway, here are my two cents of Mushk episode 8.


Years of abuse and neglect in a dead marriage has led to Zulekha to be in control of her life as well as her daughters. She has become ruthless and ambitious when it comes to getting what she wants for herself and her daughters. Whether it’s removing her crippled husband or Malik Sahab permanently from the equation, Zulekha clearly has strategized her moves and ensured her survival. So she does two things:

mushk episode 8

1- Dada jee has proved to be a man of conservative nature, who despite being a forward person (like sending Mehek abroad for  higher education) does not want anyone to tarnish his reputation. Therefore shock befalls him when Zulekha schemingly puts all the blame on his precious Mehek, thus saving Roshni from disgrace. And Dada Jee believes her and disregards any notion of listening to Mehek’s side of the story. And in Mushk episode 7, even though he seems stunned with Mehek’s move, Zulekha waters the seed she’s sowed by making up stories, which leads Dada jee to take decisions for both, Mehek and Roshni.

mushk episode 8 saqb

2. Clearly Roshni is not like her mother and feels guilty for the troubles she’s caused however she gets caught and emotionally blackmailed by Zulekha to not tell the truth and beguiles her into believing that she as her mother has good intentions for her relationship with Saqib. So when Zulekha meets him, she buys his loyalty for her daughter and asks him to disappear. What we see later is a mother’s winning hand; she gets rid of Saqib (for now) and gets to keep her daughter close to her.


I genuinely feel for Sohail Sameer’s character especially now that we know what his story is. And today in his last moment with Shayan, it was heart warming and emotional to see that even though the man’s struggled for the past 14 years but he is trying his best to uplift Shayan and save him from living out his future like he has.

mushk episode 8 rishni


Guddi being her usual self is now going to attack this mother-daughter bond so she can avenge the way Zulekha has treated her since she came with Mehek, so she is gas lighting Roshni and whatever Zulekha’s told her about Saqib’s disappearance. And I think this is going to be an interesting watch since Guddi will now be eyeing their moves and play her cards.


The hopelessly in love Adam faces a very difficult situation; dada jee has asked him to marry Mehek. Now this is something that probably Adam was longing to hear to hear or do, however the tables have turned especially when he knows Mehek’s big secret. But with Adam’s nicety and do-it-for-love nature might compel him to take this step and move forward with dada jee’s proposition. Let’s see how that pans out when Mehek finds out. We’re looking forward a to a heart-to-heart between Mehek and Adam in the upcoming episodes.


Urwa is brilliant, Mehek’s waiting for her fate to be rolled out, Adam will go through a test of time, Shayan has plotted his freedom, Zulekha is evil, BUT you never know what’s going to happen and that’s what’s so exciting about Mushk. And we’re so glad Mushk is on prime time now. What a show!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.