mushk episode 8

While for some, Mushk episode 8 was a slow continuation of the previous episode; Adam’s reaction to dada ji’s proposition to wed Mehek, Mehek’s desperation and reliance on others to help her and Guddi’s focus on avenging Zulekha. However things flowed with some unexpected heavy moments and layered dialogues that gave us a lot of insight about the characters and how they are thinking. There definitely was development in terms of the plot, but there was nothing too exciting in it.

Mushk episode 8 is setting ground for all the risks and thrills to occur in the upcoming episodes, so we’re not complaining. Adam’s in a confused state of mind, Mehek is being selfish and Guddi is deepening her revenge game, was the crux of episode 8.

Here’s a further and quick analysis also.



They’ve been friends since childhood and share an unspoken bond, however their equation lacks chemistry especially when you’ve known someone all your life. Adam may have proved his love and loyalty to Mehek, and although the poor guy would have been elated at the prospect of marrying Mehek, but he’s hurt and confused since dada ji has thrown the ball in his court. The scene when he leaves dada ji’s room and stumbles into Mehek made my heart ache for Adam. Imran Ashraf is like a whirlpool of emotions (and his smiling face but tearful eyes remind me of so many of his moments in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi).

Now we all know that Mehek clearly is not the person who she was shown to be. She’s a weak character and has only interacted with Adam on 2 integral occasions; both at points when she needed his help. Now if that doesn’t scream intehai matlabi and selfish, then I don’t know what is. And Adam being masoom and irrevocably in love can’t seem to see past that. So he agrees to dada ji’s wish so he and Mehek can buy time and work towards finding Shayan’s whereabouts. I don’t like Mehek’s character, there is no charm or meat into how she’s been written. The scene where she swore on her dead parents to prove to dada ji that Saqib came to meet Roshni was laughable. Girl, if you’re so hurt on being accused for a lie, then what about the big fat lie that you’re living with already?



Shayan is out of prison because he’s falsely agreed to marry his young cousin, however we know that, that’s not the case. He has another plan on his mind, but his escape from Rajanpur and from Muqaddar Khan’s grasp isn’t that simple since he is being watched by his mamu’s goons. His frail effort to run was like a joke and the we should be shown that he’s being strategic about things considering how powerful his mamu is.

As for Sajjad, his ailing health was the moment of truth and his quick passing was a bit disturbing honestly. I wish the writer/director had shown some confrontation between Natasha Ali and him so both of them could get some sort of closure. But then I think that since she knows what Muqaddar Khan has done and she naturally is not comfortable marrying her 14 year old daughter so she will help Shayan escape as her revenge? That’s just my guess.


Since its about izat so Zulekha continues to play mind games with her daughter Roshni with lies and deceit to keep her tamed. But Guddi is playing her part by separating this duo and has intervened. After her conversation with Saqib, it feels like that he’s confused about his feelings for Roshni and does care for her. So we’re not exactly sure where his loyalties lie. Will he team up with Guddi to reveal Zulekha’s true nature? Time will tell. Imran Ashraf definitely wants us to keep guessing.


Mushk episode 8 may not have been an OH-MY-GOD-WHAT-AN-EPISODE but it had essence and continued to be on a straight line with some highs and lows. I’d like to see Adam stepping up for himself and giving credit to his feelings for once instead of focusing on what Mehek wants and I want him to interact more with Guddi so he can realize his worth. And can Mehek please be honest for once?

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.