Comebacks are never easy, especially when you’re a celebrity known for your exuberance and candid nature. And if you’re an ex-morning show host like Nadia Khan who has made a return from a controversial exit and domestic life after almost two decades, things are bound to change.

From being crowned as the Queen of bringing TRP ratings to life, to returning to the small screen must have been terrifying as well as exciting. Kudos to the production houses though, for collaborating with Nadia Khan, who is now working on back-to-back projects and giving us realistic performances in Zun Mureed and Kaisi Aurat Ho Tum that are based on subjects that are still considered taboo. But there are some similarities in her choices that have everyone talking.

Simply put, Zun Mureed highlights the different shades of grey in a husband-wife relationship, domestic violence and its overall impact on a family. The issue of domestic violence is deeply rooted in the Pakistani culture and yet no reforms have been set or taken to tackle such a sensitive issue. Therefore through Zun Mureed, Nadia Khan portrays a woman who’s otherwise happy life is disrupted through the hands of abuse and its primary effects in all those who are involved, and also focuses on women empowerment.

In Kaisi Aurat Ho Tum, Nadia Khan is breaking all stereotypes and standards of the society by playing the role of a self-sufficient and independent woman who is also supporting her husband and even though she is exploited by him, she’s blind to it and becomes a target of his chauvinism. So we learn how she surpasses all these trials and rises up!

So was it a conscious decision to play such characters, or were they created specifically for Nadia Khan because the exchange is uncanny. However we found out that, Nadia Khan chooses to play these roles because she wants to raise awareness about these issues for people who are limited to such exposure. According to her, she’s a real feminist so the characters that she plays  suit her inner warrior since she is someone who cannot be toyed with. And from the looks of it, Nadia Khan would rather play roles that are pertinent and relevant in today’s time and be a part of bringing about that change instead of promoting something for the sake of meaningless entertainment.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.