We’re officially in FALL mode and everything’s changing with the season in fashion from hairstyles, bag trends, clothing and nail color trends. When it comes to nail color trends, it’s so exciting to venture out from the usual black, red and blue and get on board with whats making the headlines.

Summers was all about neons and pastels and Fall has brought deeper and muted tones, so in my most humble, honest and fun opinion, besides teal, metallic red, sand color, light grey, here are the top 7 nail color trends to try this fall.

nail color trends deep wine


I tend to wear darker colors in fall, not particularly black but more moodier alternatives to it and this season a rich version of deep wine color is a big hit. You can add a metallic top coat to it to upgrade the look.


OMG! I love holographic nails, they have such a futuristic feel and they’re very easy to do with so many tutorials online. And if you’re going to a nail bar, then the job’s done. I’d suggest that you opt for a rich purple-ish tone with a multi-shaded reflective color on top.


Slate blue for me has become the new black has been trending because it’s cool and creamy, and looks very elegant. It’s like wearing the sky on your nails, it’s both soft and deep.

nail color trends chocolate brown


Chocolate, toffee or any other mid range of browns is a gorgeous color. It instantly gives me the turtle necks and woolen sweater feels. And it’s not just any other color, it will look luxurious with lighter toned outfits.

nail color trends emerald green


A cool emerald green is buzzing around this season. I personally feel that you will feel more in tuned with yourself this season with a layer of green on your nails.

nail color trends white


A coat of white is an instant hit, no matter your skin tone. The manicure white looks great all 365 days.


Glittery shades or glittery nails, whether you add a top coat on one nail or just a glittery nudes on all of your 5 fingers, glitter is the perfect way to show your style and pump it up when it comes to your nails.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.