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The most anticipated scene from episode 12 of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi was the meeting between Bhola and Noori. The minute the show kicked in, we were eager to see how these characters united, and when it did, both Noori and Bhola surpassed all our expectations. From Noori’s shock-like confusion to Bhola’s excitement and innocence were brilliantly portrayed and is a scene that we keep on replaying in our heads. Moreover, with the help of all the supporting characters, Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf stood out in their performances in this episode and have etched out a map for us to look forward to the next episode!



It was a relief to see Noori excited and happy like her normal self when she went for a tour of the veranda in her new home.  From watering the plans to feeling the velvet fabric of the gaddi to washing and decorating her mother in law’s surahi showed Noori and her Amma jee are going to share a close bond, one that is going to be a big support for both the characters through their emotional turmoils. These scenes also depicted Noori’s inclination towards cleanliness and hygiene, a contrast from Bhola’s personality as he likes to stay unkempt and messy! Later her interaction with Rizwana, when she was questioning Noori about her background showed that Noori can handle tricky situations, which leads us to our own theory of Noori’s role and intelligence in  somehow partaking in the family business since Nusrat clearly has no intention of handing it over to Bhola! However the highlight of the episode was Bhola and Noori’s sudden meet up! Noori’s sigh of seeing a familiar face gave her hope until she found out that she is married to Bhola. Iqra portrayed the macabre mood and despair perfectly enough to make this scene also memorable.


Bhola was so happy to see Noori and you couldn’t help but feel good about his excitement but soon he realized that Noori was keeping a distance from him and when he offered to give her a tohfa, Noori’s rejection for it made him well up in tears and we only hoped from Noori to comfort him. And she probably might as she comes to terms with the shock that she is currently in right now! Imran Ashraf makes his character seem unbelievably real, particularly his monologue when he gets out of the shower to meet Noori. From his expressions to dialogue delivery and being hopelessly in love was all too sweet and yet devastating at the same time and you wonder deep down if he is going to be the man his mother wishes him to be someday.


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Asma Abbas exudes so much love and concern for her son and that translates so well on screen. Her conversation with Bhola when she gives him tips on how he should greet and talk to his wife was absolutely beautiful. Secretly we had tears in our eyes as you see try to see her through all her fears and everything that she wishes for her son. Moreover, her liking for Noori is also that is interesting to see as we see a silent bond being roped up since these two ladies seem to be spending time with each other and may help each other get through it.


Bhola’s friends have recgonized Noori from the pictures and we’re concerned for the trials and tribulations Noori will have to face in the upcoming episodes as her past catches up to her.

We’re liking Ranjha Ranjha Kardi episode 12 here in case you haven’t seen it yet!

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