In order for a drama to gain the viewers attention it is important for it to have a well written script along with a director who does justice to it  along with the set of actors who breathe life into their roles. With Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Aly, Adnan Siddiqui, and even model turned actress Rabia Butt doing a superb job in Yeh Dil Mera, last night the episode was in fact the best out of all the ones aired so far .
The reason being that in that hour it was intriguing where it showed romance between Aman and Noor yet at the same time also showed the disturbed personality of Aman where he is seen making a deal with Saira to bring Mir Farooq Zaman down!
Yes, this was completely unexpected, the latest twist in the plot, and it sure is a welcomed since we’re closer to knowing to knowing what really happened in the past which has traumatized both Noor and Aman so much .
So, what interesting facts did we pick up from last night episode ? Well read along to find out.


Since we seen that Saira is teaming up with Aman to topple down Farooq who is now rude to her every chance he gets and wiith their marriage being a secret, Aman finds out and tells her to provide him information so he can take his revenge, for reasons that we still aren’t aware off. Well your guess is as good as ours as just like Saira we too are clueless and hope that the coming episodes give us more clues about it.


Now we know that Farooq is a shrewd man but as they say when your down fall is about to begin than you tend to go a bit blind and that is exactly what is happening with him as he is trusting Aman too much with Noor. With him allowing the duo to go out alone without guards is enough to know that he trusts him but the scene where Aman locks the door when he takes Noor to his bedroom made us sit upright and wonder what is going on.



With Aman being a total gentleman and then turning in to a ruthless man while talking to Saira made us realize that this character has too much going on in his head while also making us aware that never judge a book by its cover as Aman looks perfect from the outside but within he is very disturbed. With his mood swings at the lunch with Noor to him taking her to his house and threatening Saira if she crossed him, the character is believable because Ahad is the one performing it and due to that the complexities in him are so well acted that one cant help but be in awe of his talent.


Heartbreak seems to be the theme of next weeks episode as Aman is seen getting cold feet but is that really the case ? We don’t think so as we feel he likes Noor and doesn’t want her involved in the dirty game of revenge which he has planned in his mind. So will the romance be over or it will survive is what we cant wait to find out next Wednesday night.