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The first time when I saw and heard Call The Band perform, I profess that, I started crushing over Junaid Khan like a little school girl. Junaid didn’t sing like one of the regular vocalists who’s only claim to fame at that time was that they had a rock band in Pakistan. With tracks like “Seb Bhula Ke”, “Kaash” and “Pukaar” and fans gushing over these lads, the synchronization between the strumming of the guitars and Junaid’s deep baritone was all that I heard, at least.

Fast forward to today, Junaid Khan has grown into one of the most sought-after actors in the Pakistani Television Industry, but music is still his lifeline, and he never ceases to amaze us by lending his vocals for most of the OST’s of his TV serials. From his acting chops to his voice, the sing and actor has tremendously grown.

So, here are your favourite sound tracks sung by Junaid Khan.


Ro Raha Hai Dil is on air right now and it was quiet the pleasant surprise to see Junaid in a happy-go-lucky character as compared to the ones he’s played in the past. The transformation is contagious, but what’s more surreal is the OST. The song is high on emotion and grows on you, and there’s almost a brokenness in Junaid’s which is why I have this track on repeat, no kidding!


Junaid can sing, obviously but so can Hira Mani, therefore the duo gave a heart rendering melody for their new TV serial, Thays and I’m not surprised. The track is a reminder of love and loss with music video that gave us major SRK-Kajol vibes. With this track, you can sense a certain level of emergence as Junaid has matured as a vocalist and that should be definitely applauded.


Junaid may have won our hearts as Dr. Talal but he also had us swooning with the title track of Sun Yara with Damia Farooq. She has a sweet tone, but Junaid Khan is relentless yet tender in this track. I might not have seen Sun Yara had it not been for the OST and if there’s an OST I may have binge-heard (if that’s even a word), it was Sun Yara!


The gentle aggression in Junaid’s tone is the one of the convincing and compelling elements in the OST of Natak. From crooning “tu he mera sakoon, tu he meri saza”, don’t blame yourself if you also feel exactly the way we do about this track and him!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.