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The Pakistan fashion industry is evolving and has opened new doors for makeup and hair stylists to experiment with techniques and trends that have earned them critical acclaim. Similarly they’ve managed to change the imagery of celebrities and models on ramps and runways with brushstrokes which is why these makeup artists from Pakistani showbiz have made it to our list and we are proud to rave about them!


L’Oreal Pakistan’s hair and makeup expert, Saima Bargfrede is known for her cutting edge persona and style. She is one of the contemporaries who’s style philosophy has her associated with the top brands and names, and is probably the coolest person you’ll ever get to meet!

Saima Bargfrede


Nabila is an award-winning celebrity hair and makeup maestro who is running her kingdom like a pro. She has redefined the world of fashion and imagery and has presented Pakistan on international platforms with her intelligence and ever evolving fashion sense. You can spot a Nabila’s salon near you in the major cities of Pakistan and expect gratifying results.



He’s a beauty guru with a name on the tip of everybody’s tongues and associated with super stars to award shows. He was winner of the best Hair and Makeup Artist at the Lux Style Awards 2018 who paints his own interpretation of makeup and hair on models and celebrities alike which is why we love him as one uber-cool MUA!

Qasim Liaqat


Zara’s a young makeup artist with a prowess to ace it in the fashion industry. She’s working on sets and shoots with talented men and women from the fashion industry and we love it because she’s swanky and in it to win it!

Zara Gul


With a sky-rocketing career, Hannan Siddique aesthetics as an MUA is a work of glamour and simplicity. He loves to play with different looks and incorporate techniques that redefine beauty as per international standards, and yet maintain the earthiness of the Pakistani woman in hair and makeup.

Hannan Siddique


She’s creative, loves to experiment and has paved new ways in the fashion industry in just two years. Celebrity makeup artist, Fatima Nasir is the one of the most sought after MUA’s right now. Her makeup streak is that of an artist who thinks in colours. SiddySays had an exclusive chat with her over her love for makeup and drive as an MUA and we were struck by how contrasting her work and personality is! Read more about her here:

Fatima Nasir


Shoaib Khan’s excitement and passion as a makeup and hair artist is evident in the number of times he has been nominated for his craft. He’s quiry, he’s cool and he’s really really good.

Shoaib Khan

Written by Faryal Syed
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