Our personal style is forever evolving, and though we love trying out different looks, there is always this one style that sets us apart from everyone else, because every individuals choice in fashion is elusive. This is why it is through trials and A LOT of outfit changes that we’re able to find that one signature style that makes us look different and unique. And that’s where a brand like Asim Jofa steps in.

The Orne’/Mysorie Chiffon Collection is a beautiful and luxurious showcase of dark and muted tones with 6 limited pieces on the timeless mysorie fabric, along with the added richness and opulence of chiffon, delicate embroideries and embellishment, every single outfit a worth a steal.

One such manifestation is this perfectly subtle lilac toned outfit, which is a work of art on the mysorie fabric. It has been enhanced with details and intricacy with the play of embroideries and embellishments used to add texture to make this ensemble, like the rest, a standalone piece.

Both the front and back of the shirt are heavily embroidered to bring festive vibes, complimenting it with an embroidered border, a solid colored trouser and a chiffon dupatta in a dusty gold shade to ring elegance and tradition.

Displayed at a price of Rs. 16,450/-, this lilac piece by Asim Jofa exudes femininity, calm and love embodied in a 3 piece suit that is going to remain timeless in your wardrobe.

The brand, Asim Jofa is known to design pieces for people who love to make fashionable picks that are that are exclusive and sophisticated. And the Orne’/Mysorie Chiffon Collection is a luxury lifestyle that will not only give you the best in fashion, but some major fashion inspiration when it comes to styling an outfit.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.