Sapphire 3D Fashion App

We’ve all been there, admiring racks and racks of clothes in our favourite stores before finally selecting a piece that we just couldn’t leave without. So imagine if you could step into the future with an app that could give you detailed visuals, and help you decide to get the outfit that you’ve been eyeing for a while?! Fret not, because the tech wizards at Cresset Technologies just heard our (unspoken) prayers by launching the world’s first ever 3D enabled Augmented Reality fashion app by Sapphire for eastern wear.

Tech is the future of fashion and so the idea of a fashion app that’ll give you a 360-degree view of an entire outfit with intricate details such as embroidery and embellishment before you make the big purchase is unique. Cresset Technologies has definitely embarked on achieving a major mile stone in the arena of fashion, so three cheers to that!

Since we know that Sapphire is one of Pakistan’s giant retail brands and the most popular, with the release of 130 outfits for their Spring/Summer Collection 2018, the 3D Augmented Reality app that also features Virtual Reality features has been launched by associating with Sapphire. The Sapphire AR app is going to forge doors for the drift of e-commerce to play a monumental role in helping their clientele embrace this app because fashion companies understand how their customers use technology – word, Smart phones!

So, we were pretty excited and immediately downloaded the Sapphire AR app, and this is what we found:

  • It has a quick and easy-to-use interface that’ll further guide you step by step on how to use the 3D Model or Video option
  • In the 3D Model you can choose an outfit by dragging it on the screen and move it back and forth (360-degree) to take a better look at the design in your choice of setting. However, for now, they don’t have options for background setting since the app is being piloted right now
  • To use the video feature, you will require a print catalogue to see a full-fledged video of the design as the app camera will detect the image from the catalogue and play it for you

In reality, fashion and tech are inevitably going to become one and the intermixing of the fashion industry with innovation of tech is going to light up a customer who has had a user-friendly experience.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.