pakistani dramas ost

Our Pakistani drama’s have been making news more than our films have over the last two years with brilliant performances, hashing prevalent issues and spreading awareness through excellent scripts, and then some new, great dialogues and MUSIC, music that stays with you. Some of the original sound tracks are even better than the commercial mainstream music that we hear, so we decided to list down the Pakistani dramas OST that have been ringing in this year and are playing on repeat!


A popular show that only grows with its brilliant performances every week, and a tormenting sound track that makes you become a part of the story of Noori. Sami Khan’s voice tugs at your heart strings as she pings the chorus of the track, “bus ranjha ranjha kardi…”


Farhan Saeed gives a believable and almost melodious feel to the the track Hari Hari from Angaan. Hari Hari grows on you and so do Farhan’s vocals as he aces his high pitch! Moreover, Hari Hari takes you back in time and reminds you of old school love and loss, one that’s unforgettable.


Ali Tariq is painfully soulful and professional in the track of Aatish. The acoustic intro that transitions into a musical ballad sounds like a sad Bollywood song that grows on you. Bushra Bilal compliments Ali Tariq’s heart breaking voice as Aatish is put on repeat.


Balaa’s track imbibes the incorrigible thrill and suspense of the the drama serial. Sung by Faiza Mujahid who manages to heighten the mystery of the show accompanied by Zohaib Hassan gives the track a haunting tone which only ignites one’s curiosity.


Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed give the title track of Kaisa Hai Naseeban an emotional vibe because the plot underlines the theme of domestic abuse and misery! The lyrics and composition of the track build up the tension that we’re hoping will be highlighted in the right way.


Just like the plot, the title track is also a journey that breathes despair, sacrifices we make for love and heart break and who can portray such strong emotions so well other than Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Even though the show aired in July 2018, the track is still being played in 2019.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.