Time and again, our TV anchors behave likes wolves in the name of competition and TRP ratings and relieve themselves of the human element just to remain in the game.

Recently, Muhammad Shoaib and Kiran Aftab of Samaa TV  pulled a despicable stunt by insulting their guest Nasir Khan Jan, attracting much negativity from everyone who thought that Nasir Khan Jan, despite his controversial social media standing, deserved respect. As of now, the former (Mohammad Shoaib) has a petition rolling against him that he be banned from TV.

Ironically, we have had a few TV hosts in the past who have treated their guests unabashedly and bullied them on national television. So, here’s a low down of who they are.


When Sahir Lodhi insulted a girl on her speech on women’s rights. And that’s got Sahir Lodhi fuming with anger and he screamed and thrashed the girl on Live television, leaving everyone in a nerve wracking situation and us with a bad taste in our mouths.


Last year, Nida Yasir went over board by exploiting the cute Pathan social media sensation, Ahmed who is popular for his videos was called as a guest on Nida’s show where she provoked him to react in a certain manner to show her audience what he is, (and gain TV ratings). What seemed fun to her and the producers of the show, triggered a lot of emotions in the people who were watching the show back at home and called Nida out for her outlandish behavior and stooping to such a level to get the numbers up.


Waqar Zaka AKA (read: BULLY) has been harassing all the participants on his tv show, Living on The Edge where guests dare to do adventurous/thrill-seeking things so naturally Waqar Zaka entertains the most creepiest to the weirdest and funniest people with ridiculous dares. He aggressively abuses (obscenely), defames and is disrespectful, and calls out names male or female just to get the TRP ratings hit sky rocket. Waqar Zaka is known to be a brute and will do anything to be in the lime light, be it, insult people and get away with it. And that is not acceptable.


Who else remembers Amir Liaqat bullying the eye-to-eye singer, Taher Shah back in 2013? It was during of the pre-iftar Ramzan shows that Taher Shah was invited since he had garnered a lot of attention (for whatever reasons), however Amir Liaqat decided to publicaly humiliate him by playing with his hair, then he wrapped a snake around his neck and forced a shaken Taher Shah to sing whilst he made comical expressions on his face which showed that Amir Liaqat was clearly out of his mind.


Looks like Samaa TV is calling for action against their TV anchors. Kiran Aftab met with a few Doctors from Karachi who came to highlight their grievances on the show, however Kiran’s disagreement to understand the matter at hand, her criticism and lack of respect instantly got people talking, hence they left bad reviews, stating she should have shown empathy instead of calling the doctors,“safaid kapron main bheriye”

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.