Even though today marks the second day of Fashion Week Pakistan Spring Summer 2018, we’re still hung-over from last night’s dramatic and infusing Day 1 of #FPW and what we witnessed on the runway. We were awed and struck because the trend of blending a social cause with fashion has become an increasingly creative and popular fad in the fashion industry today.

Huma Adnan’s cultural brand, Fnk Asia was also a part of the Day 1 at FPW amongst other thought-provoking elements such as deaf models and older, graceful and real women as the models of today, to accentuate the idea of narrating true stories through a wider platform. “We as fashion influencers are blessed to be given a platform and resources that can easily create awareness and provide long term sustainability solutions for people.”- Huma Adnan

By collaborating with UNHCR, Huma Adnan’s collection Pegah is a dedication to promote #women workforce led by other strong #women as well as a magnificent display of hand-made jewelry and crafts designed by refugee women who are seeking asylum in Pakistan. Pegah is a euphoric and unafraid inspiration driven by summer time, soft pastel hues that depict an image of peace and acceptance sown with free-flowing draped silhouettes, embroidered patterns and jagged hemlines that were complimented by bold, statement-making yet subtle jewelry pieces to highlight the plight of refugee women and share their art with a grander audience.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.