I’m  a last minute shopper, and luckily somehow it always works out. The day before Eid holidays when I left work I had the intention of stopping at 3-4 stores that are on my safe list and usually pick whatever I get my hands on.

The Sania Maskatiya store unfortunately usually ends up being the last shop if you’re coming on MM alam road but since I always regret picking something up sooner I decided to start there – a decision I did not regret.

I picked out four or five outfits and headed to the try room. The outfit I ended up wearing was my first pick! Love at first sight you could say… and immediately after reason kicked in. It’s too expensive, it’s a little OTT, where else will you wear it my mind said. But the heart knows what it knows… and I came home with a big bag full of this Sania Maskatiya fusion Saree outfit.

With an outfit so bold, everything else is minor details. So I wore the simplest shimmer white strappy sandals from Reeva by shoe planet and got a simple ‘natural’ blow dry from BloDry bar complimented by plain black and white bangles.

The only other significant indulgence were the Elan earrings designed by Allure by MHT. The complete look is below!


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.