miles davis

“Do not play what’s there, play what’s not there.” -Miles Davis.

Introducing Miles Davis would take pages upon pages. Miles Davis died on 28th September after four very active decades in the music industry from 1945 to 1991. Davis was not only an epic trumpeter but also a composer. He is one of the most influential jazz musician to this day.

He changed the course of jazz history for decades to come, constantly innovating during his career to reinvent jazz music. Kind of Blue is the best selling jazz album to date. Davis left Juilliard to debut as a saxophonist for the Charlie Parkers bepop quintent. From that point onwards, he ruled the world of jazz music.

Davis has to his name 51 studio albums, 36 live albums, 57 singles, 35 compilations 17 boxsets, 8 Grammys and 32 Grammy nominations. Miles lived for music and his accomplishments are a testament to him. As such, living his life many times over, where many of us struggle to live just the one. In tribute to the Picasso of Jazz, we share with you are short list of our Miles Davis favourites.