Podcasts- you either love them or you just can’t even stand them. These are the two reactions to the very mention of podcasts. Having had been on both sides of these responses, I now mostly listening to podcasts, often far more than music. My addiction to podcasts is at an all time high, where over the past year I can’t fall asleep without listening to a podcast.

There is a huge selection to choose from with a library of over 150,000 English podcasts. Whether you want to listen to a short story, true crime cases or even the sound of calming waves helping you sleep. The great news is, we have done the work for you and chosen podcasts that will reel you in.


If you ever were a Serial fan, then you probably know of this gem. S-Town is my favorite podcast for this year and only half the year has gone by. I have heard it multiple times and every time I listen to it I pick up on new details. S-Town is the story of John B. Maclemore, who writes to the staff at This American Life to investigate an alleged murder. The story doesn’t concern the murder but a death that happens amidst the production of the podcast. If compelling story telling and investigative journalism is your thing then this podcast is definitely for you!

You can listen to S-Town here 

Revisionist History


I had never read a single Malcolm Gladwell book before I heard this podcast. The same isn’t true anymore. Revisionist History is for anyone who enjoys history, the only twist here is that MalcomGladwell tells it his way. This podcast has two seasons where each episode explores either a person or an event in history, which was massively misunderstood. Whether you enjoy music, sports or history- this podcast is sure to make you think and think again.

You can listen to Revisionist History here


life after

I didn’t think I would be interested in sci-fi until I downloaded lif-e,af/ter. GE produced this podcast so the quality is top notch. Lif-e.af/ter revolves around Ross, a low level FBI agent whose wife passed away 8 months ago. Ross’s wife Charlie left over 2200 messages on Voice Tree which he listens to on repeat, until one day she responds back and a conversation begins. Ross meets others who are also talking to their loved ones who have passed on but remain on Voice Tree. Soon they discover that there is a price they must pay to keep talking. How far is Ross willing to go?

You can listen to Lif-e.af/ter

The Reith Lectures


The Reith Lectures are a series of annual lectures commissioned by the BBC and broadcast via radio since 1948. Each year the BBC chooses a new lecturer, often a leader in their field to deliver a series of lectures. The lectures cover various disciplines ranging from science and technology to anthropology and literature. Some notable Reith Lecturers over the years were Bertrand Russell, Martin Rees, Stephen Hawking, Kwame Anthony Appiah and Niall Ferguson. The Reith Lecturer for this year is Hilary Mantel who is a prize-winning historical fiction novelist. The entire archive of the Reith Lectures is available online to download.

You can listen to The Reith Lectures  here