Mascara is always a hit and miss for me. People often think who have light eye lashes should be concerned… No Sir! The real challenge is thick but clumpy lashes which is what I have!! I have seen gorgeous women, in posters all over the world using mascara wands. They create magical eye lashes but not me! Every time I get suckered into marketing, I often find myself gifting the mascara to my mother or sister in laws. Let’s just say I am a Mascara Wand designers worst nightmare. And while I have tried product after product, including L’Oreal Mascara I haven’t yet found the one that keeps me loyal!


Anyway, cut to a few days back when I received a packet from Loreal. Open it up and ho ho it’s the new Loreal Paradise Extatic Mascara! Here in this video, I try it out live to show you the results!!

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