Ali Xeeshan

palatino; font-size: 12pt;”>‘As a council, we are about showcasing the design and guiding the retail of design and craft in Pakistan. The question of old designer, new designer, high street or textile mill therefore shouldn’t arise. If you design and are in fashion, we are open to you as a council for help, guidance, mentorship and platforms.

palatino; font-size: 12pt;”>The question however does remain if separating lawn and textile completely from the fashion week would have been a better idea than creating a limited couture show, given that lawn is clearly much more popular a segment than the western interpretation of couture as we saw for the Swarovski Crystal Couturiers a few weeks back and we already have the bridal segment well covered with the PFDC LOreal Bridal Week.

palatino; font-size: 12pt;”>Apart from the schedule, another concern to fashion lovers is the lineup of designers. Some of the big names like Elan, Karma, Sublime and Ali Xeeshan are completely missing (the last perhaps a consequence of an unsavory incident we remember from last year?!? Sitting it out waiting to make a comeback?). Could three seasoned brands just be sitting this one out because they recently showed at the Swarovski event? So how many events are too many? And talking about missing, where are all the fabulous finales that we have all criticized yet secretly enjoyed?

palatino; font-size: 12pt;”>The PFDC confirmed it’s commitment to all fashion platforms and embodies the idea of promoting the business of fashion and whether that translates into fashion platforms, weeks, or stand-alone shows. While we got no comment on potentially attracting the big ones back, the council’s commitment to promoting the new and upcoming talent remains unparalleled.


palatino; font-size: 12pt;”>Natasha Kamal who will be presenting her first complete collection this time at the PSFW 2015 commented, ‘For us personally, it marks our official arrival in the fashion industry as a serious brand. Moreover since this is the most prestigious platform of its kind in the country, it lends credence to our brand.’



palatino; font-size: 12pt;”>There is no doubt that PFDC has a huge undertaking with PSFW2015… there is a lot of newness being inducted into the program both literally and figuratively. How it fares, we shall know in less than a week. For now the council remains confident that it is evolving in the right direction, for the sake of the betterment of the fashion industry, we hope it’s true.

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.