Rafi Peer Sufi Festival

Winters are a magical time in Lahore, especially these days when its not unbearably cold and extremely pleasant to be outdoors without layering too much. Its also a magical time to be in the city which is brimming with cultural activities for the past few weeks. Faiz Ghar celebrations, RafiPeer Youth and puppet festivals, Khayal Festival, Lahore saw many successful cultural events living up to the name of being Pakistan’s cultural capital yet again and we are proud of Lahoris who have come out and supported these events!

1-Last years building set up

Finally it’s time for one of our favorite festivals hosted by Rafi Peer. The Mystic Sufi Music Festival. Boasting of a huge line up yet again it seems like this fest is back in all its glory. The Rafi Peer team is excited, and we spoke to Alena Peerzada who is at helm of all things and executing each event flawlessly.

6-black abida parveen

Here are the 5 reasons she is excited about the Mytsic Sufi Music Festival organized by Rafi Peer:

1. Lahore will host the biggest Sufi Music fest once again in Alhamra open air theatre.

2. Abida Parveen will be performing luve to a huge audience after 7 years!

3. Most excited about seeing Aik Alif perform live. Noori

4. Managing such a huge number of artists to bring forth a flawless event.

5. Bringing Lahore alive with the sound of Sufi Music and embracing our roots!

It is not too late, get your tickets from Alhamra Qadaffi Stadium now and be a part of the mystical magic! 3-Rizwan Moazzam

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.