Kayseria Foha Raza

By now you already know how much we loving hopping around town looking for some of the best fashion and lifestyle products that Pakistan has to offer. This week, we went to Kayseria to check out their latest winter pret line that has just hit the stores. Before we talk about what we spotted at the store, let us tell you that the Kayseria H-Block Lahore store is really quiet nice. If you haven’t ever been, we will suggest you to go have a look around.


Now for the brand’ latest collection Winds of Winter: we saw it and let us tell you, it was fabulous! The best part about their latest collection was the excellent fabric and quality of each outfit. You can wash & wear it multiple times and it won’t loose its look. The other element that we adore about this collection is that it has been made keeping the winters in mind. They have tailored the cuts and colours to everything you want to wear for the coming cold season.

If you love shawls, you are in for a real treat. The iconic Wool blend and Herring bone shawls, a symbol of luxury and finesse, in printed versions that are multipurpose, feminine and evergreen, and embroidered variations, adding a wealth of artisanship and splendor to wardrobes everywhere.  The dyed and embroidered shawls with beautiful and intricate patterns celebrate the beauty and intricacy of Kashmiri hand embroidered shawls.  These make for great formal wear too in the festive season, and the color palette allows you to throw on a piece during the day or lunch or coffee.

The Ready to Wear section will also not disappoint. The colors and prints are young and exciting ranging from Ivory to blacks and everything in the between and I could not help trying on a few. Let us also tell you, that their trousers (amazing quality, you can tell just by touching them) priced at PKR 1500, are a total steal. Even if you have trousers for your winter wardrobe; we will urge you to go pick up a pair from Kayseria. You won’t regret it.

Perhaps a few more options in the ready to wear section would have been ideal, but then again they have many lines coming out ever so often that you always find something new in store.

Go check out Kayseria’s fab store and their great collection! Don’t forget to tell us what you think! xx


Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.