Halfway through the fabulous month, inching closer to Eid, we bring you a reminder about what is good for you and what is not this Ramzan. If you missed our post and what to eat at sehri and the most soulful playlist of Ramzan, here is a healthy reminder of things that you need to start or stop doing for the next two weeks.
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  • Exercise before iftar: this will only result in muscle loss and temporary weight loss, which will come back before you know it.
  • Miss exercise in the month of ramzan: light exercise, no cardio, nearly half hour after a light Iftar followed by dinner.
  • Combine iftar and dinner: even though the time is such, but you body needs the nutrition. Break you fast and then do some light exercise, followed by dinner.
  • Start iftar with carbs [pakora, samosa]: after 16 hours, your body is not ready to process the complex carbs so it is better to start your system and then move to complex carbs.
  • Try to lose weight in ramzan: going in a heavy diet or weight loss regime will only be temporarily fruitful.
  • Do Cardio workout: your body is already in a catabolic state and cardio will make it worst.

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  • Eat a heavy sehri containing protein, fats and carbs: you need all the energy during the day so do not think of going the protein only route, you will not be doing your body any favors in the month.
  • Exercise after iftar: do not go running 5 kms, instead to strengthening and toning exercises
  • Start iftar with water based refreshing drink like nimbo pani: you will instantly feel your entire days thirst and hunger pangs subside thanks to water and the vitamin C
  • Have dinner after light iftar: if you had a light Iftar and exercised, you deserve a treat, and we don’t mean a burger, but a balanced hearty meal to reward yourself.
  • Eat adequate amount of protein daily: don’t skip out on your daily requirement of protein for muscle repair and organ function.
  • Lift weights: best time to make sure you use muscle development for fat loss.
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Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.