ranjha ranjha kardi

Finally, the episode 11 of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi shed light on Bhola, the development in his character, his fears and insecurities; things that bother him and make him real at the same time. Imran Ashraf deserves all the applause for bringing a child-like man to life on screen, as well, as depicting the harsh reality that people like him face in the world all around us. Noori also played her part by trying to absorb the experience a bit, however she brilliantly portrayed her confusion and angst later in the episode. Surprisingly, both Noori and Bhola have not met each other, therefore they do not have any inkling of their nikkah, which kept us on the edge of our seat.


There are a few things that we learnt from Bhola’s side of the story:

  • Bhola’s friends are bullies and call him pagal, however when they call his dulhan pagal, Bhola gets irked and throws a fit, which goes to show that Bhola might be aware of his shortcomings, but he is glad to know that his dulhan is not like him. This also shows how weak our society is in accepting people like Bhola and instead of lifting and supporting them, they’d rather play mean tricks and pull their leg at the cost of someone’s sanity and integrity.
  • Bhola’s chacha is mistrustful and does not come straight with his intentions. He has ulterior motives and even though his concern quiet possibly revolve around inheritance and money, he doesn’t really share his thoughts with his wife and might play a bigger role in creating a scene.
  • Bhola is an extremely innocent and sensitive person and wishes to do right by everyone however his shortcomings don’t let him and for that he’s helpless. The fact that he’s in love with his new dulhan and protective about her goes to show that he doesn’t want to lose her. What would be interesting is when he finds out that Noori is his wife. We’ve seen their chemistry in the previous episodes so we’re excited to see it play out whenever Noori comes to terms that Bhola is her husband.



Noori channeled her anger and confusion very artistically in all the time the camera was on her

  • Before she learns that her dulha has fallen, the way Noori inspects her new surroundings and the number of toys displayed everywhere was a kick start to her discomfort later.
  • The way Noori was hugging Amma Janatay showed a delicate bonding between these two women that was maternal and full of concern. Noori even looked very pretty and we got to see her in makeup and jewels, a nice transition from her past to the present.
  • The way Noori reacted at the mazaar when her saas asked the mai tu give her dua made the impact. Noori was disgusted with that old woman because she was unclean and soiled so the way she coiled from her touch was duly noted by her new mother in law.
  • And when Noori got to her room, the display of flowers bothered her more as it reminded her of her dreams and hopes for a life with Sahir.



Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, with every episode becomes a remarkable to show to watch and we can’t wait for the new episode because we’re going to see Noori and Bhola in one frame as husband and wife. However in this episode from the confusion to the stress and anxiety of all the main and supporting characters is superb and well plotted.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.