ranjha ranjha kardi

We’re deep into 13 episodes of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and still there’s a certain kind of anticipation to find out how the lives of all the people involved in the show churn out. Episode 13 was also very engaging because we get to see Bhola and Noori as a dysfunctional couple where the former is struggling with an inner conflict and is unable to accept her current situation. So, far we’ve seen all the characters evolve in their roles, so kudos to the writer and director for steering the wheel of the ship!


Bhola is an innocent being but he’s completely fascinated with Noori, however he misses the time when he and Noori used to have a good time, but the mannerism with which Imran Ashraf portrayed his longing for the friend he knew was sweet. At the same time, Iqra blew our minds away by playing aloof, cold and callous because she’s confused as to why her fate brought her to this point in her life and how Ama Janatey could betray her by marrying her off to someone like Bhola. Noori’s angst and frustration takes every scene with her and Bhola to a whole new level of perfection because even though their meetings are limited on time screen but each moment has an impact which makes you wonder about what’s going to happen next. Furthermore, we also predict trouble for Noori since she has met Bhola’s friends now and they all know, but  you soon get over it when Bhola, with tears rolling down his cheek as he wipes them, tells Noori to never leave him again. It is such moments that you wish for a love story otherwise.


Since Bhola’s friends have met Noori now, so when Noori rushes back home and weeps in Ama Janatey’s lap predicts Noori’s troubles far from being over, we can also thank Rizwana for that. She’s stolen from her bhabhi out of greed or frustration or everything combined so she and her husband will blame Noori for the theft in order to save themselves (as shown in next episodes preview). Furthermore, we will also see Amma Janatay blaming Noori for it so that might bring the situation to another pit stop for Noori. We’re finally going to see Nusrat and Rizwana wreak calamity in their household of our fear of loosing their position.


One the scenes when Bhola asks Noori to dress up for him was heart breaking. Imran Ashraf is unbelievably great and you wonder how can he be so real. The movements of his fingers, to the confusion on his face and desperation altogether as he sings for her made me want him to become the hero in Noori’s life.

When Bhola finds way to make his presence known in front of Noori and asks her “meri khidmat karna tera dharam hai” and the way he explains who his friends are was absolutely sweet. Interestingly the same scene gave us a glimpse of the old Noori that we’ve come to love.


From the attention to details, performances and suspense built in the show, are some of the reasons which is why we’re so hooked to Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. And with the increasing momentum of each episode, people like us who are regularly watching the show are in for a ride as each episode is so well executed that we can’t do but eagerly anticipate! A special shout out to the massively talented ASMA ABBAS for making her character Fehmida so easy to like!

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.