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Last week’s episode of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi showed that Bhola and Noori’s love transcends beyond any measure of time. With the passing of each episode, you get to see a new aspect of the love that is slowly brewing between the protagonists, and yet at the same time, it consumes you with every word spoken, and every glance exchanged. And even though episode 18 was also full of surprises and tender moments, we’re eager for the next episode on Saturday at 8 pm on HUM TV. You want to praise Faiza Iftikhar and Kashir Nisar for bringing Bhola and Noori to life in the most realistic way, characters with bravado and love.


The coming together of Bhola and Noori is a love reimagined in so many ways, especially for Noori because she showered the wrong man, Sahir, her affections only to be abandoned in the end. The dialogues and subtle exchange of emotions and connection between Bhola and Noori were the most meaningful scenes in the entire episode. Iqra Aziz displays her acting prowess as her character Noori is awakened to the love that Bhola possess in his heart. You get to see that she is struck, amazed and realizing that ‘his’ love is beautiful than what she felt before. You also get to see Imran Ashraf in his glory as he wreaks Noori with mayhem – which actually is his way of expressing his care and concern, his state of relying on Noori. From his tears to him running away from home because his ‘dulhan’ threatened to leave was perhaps yet an other heart-warming scene. The way the scene is shot from close proximity to advancing towards the bigger picture make Bhola and Noori the perfect duo on screen.

Do you think that now that Noori has professed to not leaving Bhola means that she is also falling in love with him or the thought of having someone love her the way she’s always wanted? Because Noori gave up her dignity and sacrificed her might to protect Sahir all for nothing, so she has Bhola as her saviour now, a love so dysfunctional, but so right at the same time.


Noori is questioning Nusrat chacha on every step of the way, from episode 17 when he presented the wrong cheque to the new doctor who examined Bhola, we can see and sense his that he’s growing weary for being poked by Noori. We’re looking forward to Noori exposing him now that we know he had something to do with Bhola’s condition as the truth comes out.


So, Sahir is finally introduced to the family members because for Nusrat he’s the one for both his family and Komal. But he doesn’t know what’s coming next for him when he meets Noori. However, with the new side of his, we’re going to see how he’s going to tread with his past lurking in front of him. Moreover, with his little drive with Rizwana to pick Komal also highlights that his impending meeting with Noori and the rules of the haveli when it comes to the women of the household. We know for sure that their meeting is going to be a blow out for both Noori and Sahir.


Nusrat is game and read to take the step he’s been waiting for and Noori is going to give Komal a lesson on love.

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.