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Since we all know that episode 20 had ended with a appalled Fehmida after being fully aware what Bhola had done to Noori, but she quickly submitted to her love for her son and was unable to reprimand him for his actions when he realized that he was guilty for what had transpired – he was more upset over the thought of Noori leaving him and Fehmida could not see Bhola break. For her, every step that Bhola takes towards realizing his mistakes and reconstructs his behaviour gives her hope, hope for her son to become the man he ought to be, and the son that she never had. Furthermore, this episode waltzed around Sahir and Noori, now that they’ve met and know what their standing is going to be in the haveli, has brought back feelings of animosity, vengeance, accusations and regret. After Sahir deserted Noori, we saw her stance break, but this episode highlighted that Noori is unbreakable and even though she still remembers the hurt, but she is resilient and will face everything that’ll come her way, including Bhola, whom she stood up at the end of the episode.

However, the episode surprisingly came with some unexpected low’s considering how brilliantly well it had been playing so far, even though they were extremely important and relevant to make up the end of show.


  • Marital Rape. It came as quite the shock that something so brutal as this was not discussed in the show and we might even understand why the writers would not want to delve and highlight this grave issue, however if you are lacing it in the story, do not shrug it off like “just another matter”.
  • Whilst Fehmida consoled Noori over what had happened, her major concern was if all love was lost between her and Bhola and questioned her commitment towards him instead of pulling her up. Her argument that what Bhola had done was in his favour and seemed completely of out line for her character and it highlighted the generational gap between these two. To have not discussed the matter was extremely disappointing.
  • The first meeting with Sahir and Noori was supposed to be the grand scene when all hell was supposed to break loose, but when a drenched Noori opens the main door for Sahir, their facial expressions may have emoted their feelings of shock and surprise, but they soon dissipated. So, the entire scene, their meeting, the aftermath of their meeting frazzled out like soda and left a bland taste in our mouth.
  • Sahir’s character was also very much a part of the downfall of this episode and you sort of hate him after it, we know we do. His ambiguous nature, going from forever love to abandonment, looking for status and wealth, and having no qualms in being the “ghar jamai” and later harassing Noori over the phone (which we thought would incite feelings of loss) were filled with accusations, judgment and so-and-so, made us cringe.


She knows and senses what’s right and tries her best to salvage any given situation. So when she lied to Nusrat chacha about having a week’s medicines left for Bhola was interesting because she knows that those medicines are affecting his sanity. The big reveal of how she comes to this conclusion is going to be manifested in episode 22.


Fehmida has entrusted Noori with the “ghar ki chaabiyan” and this is going to be a huge responsibility for Noori and a knife in the back for the other members of the house. How Noori is going to use this status, or exploit this power in the house is going to nag one family member and that is Nusrat chahca and we’re going to see him deal with this situation.


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.