ranjha ranjha kardi

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi has been going strong and sturdy with a story line that keeps revealing new details with every episode and showcases performances of a bunch of brilliant actors. We’re into Episode 7 now and this reveal was yet another gripping installment that is thought-provoking.

After Qudsia Baji, who has hired Noori refused to give her 2 million Rs., she is now spying on her because the word is out that there’s a boy involved. Now we know how strong-headed and adamant Noori as a character is, therefore she is bent on helping Sahir get out of jail because she is madly in love with him. And even though his inexpressive attitude hurts a little, it is her naivete and innocence that keeps her head high, and therefore, marches to help and seek for it at all cost.

Haji sb, who has employed Noori has perhaps come out as a bigger shock because he is portraying himself as a religious man and time again we’ve seen how low-key he has kept his wife and daughters at home, and yet he displays his sinister side by offering Noori money in return of sexual favours. And this leads us to wonder and question that why are all the pious men (so-called maulvi’s) are actually the beasts? And it is perhaps one question that we may not find an answer too. So Noori is left dumbfounded and vulnerable, and one might think to which length’s she’d go to just to help her lover.

Our pyara Bhola is unwell and his mother is tending to him, and worried at the same for his well-being, like all mothers. So she goes off to a spiritual haven to pray for Bhola’s health and meets Amma Janate. Is marriage the only solution to every problem? This is a big question mark that is gaping at us and the society we live in. Bhola’s mother wants him to get married and Amma Janate is surprised. If a disabled, poor, bald or polio-stricken men can get married, then so can a person like Bhola.

In the last part of the episode we see Noori visiting Sahir, who in return gets angry at her for coming to the police station and responds to him by telling that no one even outside the police station is nice (referring to Haji sb). While helping Qudsia baji pack for her weekend trip to her mother’s, Noori asks for an early leave as well. Upon seeing pieces of gold jewelry, she steals them and hurries to her room so she can flee!

Episode 8 is going to action-packed as we’re going to see Noori being embroiled and caught for theft as Sahir’s accomplice and we cant wait to watch what else will unfold.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.