ranjha ranjha kardi

Last week, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Episode 8 kept us on the tenterhooks as we watched the entire cast centered around the protagonist, Noori, go through an upheaval with her consequential actions. And even though the episode was directed around her, we did get to see our favourite character, Bhola create the subtle but hard impact of his role as always. With limited time on the screen, Bhola never fails to show us the versatility and creativity that goes behind bringing him on reel. Therefore this episode was nothing short of drama, fear, and the element of surprise for everyone. And since we’re down to 8 episodes thus far, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi keeps on getting bigger, bolder and better every week. So, here’s a quick review:

  • Asma Abbas’s depiction of a mother who is helpless and in despair to make her son do the right thing deserves an applause. She may be emotionally tethered to the idea of Bhola being the innocent and naive person, but she also knows that he is clever, therefore she is trying her utmost best to hold on to him. But we know that her struggle is going to be short-lived. Bhola is going to write his own story for a fact.
  • Noori has freed Sahir by selling the pieces of gold jewelry, but we know deep down that she is going to regret it later. Even though her malikan now knows that Noori has stolen from her, has created a new set of troubles for her and that is going to change the entire course of her so-called happy ending with Sahir.
  • The police catches Noori for stealing and selling the gold jewelry and we liked how she’s beguiled and confused between what she should do and what is actually going to happen considering she cannot name Sahir or call for help. However what she does is mention that Haji Sahab tries to victimise her. Even though we thought that Noori would stay quite but the way she confronts the situation including the Haji when he comes to visit her in Jail goes to show that there is a tactical ploy in her move. Since the Haji is going to choose to save his marriage/and so-called izat in the society, he will fall prey to Noori’s plan.
  • Amma Janatay and Noori’s mother seem helpless and they still cannot fathom the thought of Noori committing a crime. So you feel for her parents too in a way who may get aggravated with their daughter, but this episode shows how much they’re worried for her.
  • The most interesting character however is Shauka, his disgusting attribute and lust for young Noori-who at any cost wants to marry her, and by now we all know why. He’s sly, greedy and is using Noori’s father to comply to his conditions if he is to help get Noori out of jail.

Gripping right? Next week’s episode will show Noori is not out of hot waters yet and Bhola has fled. We wonder when these two will meet and what Sahir is going to do next now that he knows that Noori’s been caught, but we sure cant wait to binge-watch all the episodes of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi all at once.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.