Who remembers Chris De Burgh’s Lady In red. For us it seems that song was a game changer and elevated the status of any woman wearing red, making her the epitome of beauty and desire. Personally I love the color, I think no matter what you skin tone, features, hair is like, there is a shade of red for everyone. Be it lipsticks, nail colors, clothes, shoes, the color is pure glam. Red on Red carpet 

This is why it is also a popular choice for ladies on the red carpet. Recently we have seen our fav Divas locally and internationally wear the color to perfection for award ceremonies, movie premieres, press cons. Here is a round up of our fav red hot women. Red on Red carpet

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ayesha omerAyesha Omer

Just yesterday Ayesha was seen in a Sadaf Malatere dress in London for her movie Yalghaar premiere. Ayesha is almost always perfectly dressed, but this dress trumps all her international designer looks she has carried. A winner through and through, this is our most fav look recently.

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Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.