We know your Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds have been swarmed with videos of celebrities snapping their fingers and you’ve been wondering why the anonymity. However, you need not try to resolve the mystery because we have the answer right here for you.

These celebrities were snapping their fingers to call for attention every time they saw someone break a traffic rule, and this was done to promote the #DriveOnPakistan campaign launched by Shell Helix for the citizens of its country so they would abide by the traffic laws and avoid endangering their lives, and of others.

Let’s snap out of this recklessness!! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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Albeit, Shell Helix has been actively involved in striving towards being a socially responsible organization, however, their assurance to make the roads of Pakistan safer for the generations to come has been a rudimentary yet significant step towards spreading awareness in our society.

Let’s take responsibility!! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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Furthermore, to counter ignorance of traffic laws in the major cities of Pakistan, Shell Helix will be painting the speed breakers as a symbol of adherence of traffic rules and ensure a smooth driving experience for every citizen of this country as Shell Helix pledges to transform your driving experience and you have to do your part by following the traffic rules and regulations.

So, whenever someone breaks a traffic rule, snap your fingers to call them out to remind them of their duty as a responsible citizen and do your utmost for everyone’s welfare.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.