So, a s a child growing up I saw my father going to work at 6 am everyday, unlike other dads who would leave for work around 9, because his factory started work at 7 am. I saw him give 30 years of his life to a fun sounding name as I grew up, BATA. Travelling 30 kms one way every day to the factory (that’s how far BataPur is from home), abu always loved his work and his company and never made the switch. I couldn’t understand why, till I actually met the Bata family in Prague a few weeks ago for the Bata Fashion Weekend.

As luck would have it, I grew up to become a blogger in Pakistan, and the company thought it will be a great idea to have a bunch of us visit the Bata Fashion Weekend and talk about our experiences. And what a weekend it was, as we flew in style to Prague to Celebrate 125 years of Bata International with the Bata Family and employees, journalists, bloggers from many other countries.



We witnessed new collections, some real break through in design, and worlds most comfortable walking shoes (I can vouch for them, I wore the 12 days in Europe) Mello, soft as a Marshmallow.

With carefully curated fashion walks, impeccably styled models, one on one interviews with the top management of Bata Shoes International and a young designers challenge, Bata seems to be revamping its image, shoes and designs. With the young blood of Bata family clearly invested in the future of the company.

From what I remember as a child, to what it is now, the company has gone from strength to strength, and I feel it is not only because they make a good pair of shoe, it is what is at the heart of this heritage company. The people who run the show. As it is only passion, dedication and love for the brand that can sustain something so beautifully for 125 years, of which 30 I’ve witnessed as a Bata daughter.

Here are some moments from my time with Abu’s dearest Bata family.

And them…


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.