If you are a 90’s kid then you’d definitely remember the very famous dialogue, “Tareekh pe Tareekh pe Tareekh” by the stomping yara-oh-yara boy, Sunny Deol in the Bollywood film, Damini.

Damini was a cult classic that was a bit forward for it’s time considering it highlighted an issue that people did not speak about then, and fast-forward today, Cheekh comes at a time when such issues are (relatively) being highlighted. Furthermore, Cheekh is a developing story and stories are always inspired from certain situations and truth’s that every society faces. Both the film and drama, are defying the oddities in time.

So, here are a few similarities that we’ve all noticed between Damini and Cheekh.


Damini was a gripping story of a young woman (of the house) who witnesses the horrifying scene of the house help getting raped by her brother-in-law. Later, she rebels against the entire family to seek justice for the victim with the help of a drunken, ill-reputed Lawyer.

Cheekh is currently airing on ARY Digital and has garnered amazing reviews from all the actors, especially the leads, Saba Qamar, Emmad Irfani and Bilal Abbas Khan. However in this drama serial, Saba Qamar, who plays Mannat is seeking justice for her friend Nayab’s rape and murder committed by her brother-in-law. She is seeking help from the court.


The lead characters, Meenakhshi as Damini was close to Urmi and for Mannat in Cheekh, it was her close friend, Nayab.


Both the female leads are faced with a situation where they are forced to choose between the fight for justice and truth, and/or their families.


In both, Damini and Cheekh, the family of the culprit are aware of the situation, however they try to use their power, wealth and influence to get the case dismissed since the victims belong to a lower social strata.


In Damini it was clear that Rishi Kapoor’s brother had raped the maid, and even though it has been kept under wraps as to who raped and murdered Nayab, all the fingers, situation and consequences point at her brother-in-law, Wajih and his friend Shariq.


The opposition (evil) Lawyers in court prove that Damini and Mannat both are mad, and should therefore be sent to a mental institution.


In fact, the part of the Lawyer who is defending the accused are almost the same.

What do you think? Damini is stocked online so you can download it, but you can watch Cheekh every Saturday at 8pm on ARY Digital.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.