Sleep right

From waking up for school, to going to college, to dragging myself out of bed for work and now instantly jumping out of bed to drop the kids to school, I have always felt I haven’t had enough sleep. Despite sleeping as much as 7 hours during the night almost all my life I felt I needed 10 more minutes and it would have been fine–not understanding that its not just the hours you sleep, its the quality of sleep.

Your health, environment, food intake, everything affects your quality of sleep, but the biggest factor in a good nights sleep and general health is the mattress you sleep on.

To get an insight on what sort of mattresses boost general physical health and a good nights sleep we asked Dolce Vita Homes about the top 3 features their mattresses have. So if you feel tired when you wake up in the morning, have a back ache, neck pain or generally feel unrested–maybe its time to change your mattress!


Many times people can not sleep because their partner moves a lot at night. This happens when the mattress springs are weak and cant absorb the movement. A  good mattress can be extremely soft and highly absorbent at the same time, so when choosing a mattress, ask this question before making your purchase.

Sleep Right Mattress

Posture Support:

A good mattress should provide support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine. The right amount of back support also helps the person avoid muscle soreness in the morning. While there is not much clinical data about mattresses, one study found that medium-firm mattresses usually provide more back pain relief than firm mattresses.

Sleep right mattress

Mattress springs and coils:

The wire in the coils comes in different thicknesses, where a lower gauge number denotes thicker, stiffer wire and a firmer mattress. A higher concentration of steel coils may indicate a higher quality mattress for better back support.

Sleep Right

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.