Choices are a funny thing, when you run out of them, life seems rather obscure—when you are bombarded with them it just becomes downright difficult.

In this day and age, we have many choices from where to eat, to which channel to watch. We are always making decisions subconsciously. One thing which is now a staple in almost everyone’s life on the planet is a cell-phone, and to make things even more complicated a smart-phone!

With an influx of phones in the market, Chinese, American, Korean, super slim, big screened, extra fast the options are endless. If you ask me what I want from my smart phone, I think the first thing I want is that it has a good battery life. But for many their phones are an extension of themselves. Everything matters. From the color to shape to browsing speed—and the choices keep getting harder.

So when one of SiddySays team members sat down to decide which phone to buy, we made a list of essentials of the smartest phone…here is what we got!

(All images are of #HuaweiMateS)

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A good battery life

Since we are almost always on the move covering events, shows, exhibitions and what not—and those endless phone calls from everywhere….the phone must also charge quickly, we don’t have all day!

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Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.