So, tell us, are you also wondering what the #DriveOnPakistan campaign is all about, because we absolutely are. The campaign has the social media wrapped around it fingers with popular celebrities snapping their fingers. Yes, just like that – zap! And recently Shahid Afradi, Sanam Jhung, Hania Amir, Fahad Mustafa and Asim Azhar uploaded their videos on Instagram as well, and we couldn’t think of anything else, but this.

Hypothesis #1:
Has snapping replaced clapping? Perhaps they’re trying to be nice to us because clapping can sometimes come off as a rude gesture.

It’s time to take ownership! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN #Pakistan

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Hypothesis #2:
They’re snapping so we can leave everything and FOCUS because they want to say something.


It’s time to wake up!! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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Hypothesis #3:
Maybe they’re vying for our attention towards something that is happening in the PRESENT.


Let’s snap out of this recklessness!! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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Hypothesis #4:
Are they trying to catch a beat?


Let’s be aware! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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Hypothesis #5:
Possibly they are snapping their fingers because they want us to follow them.


Let’s take responsibility!! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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