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Don’t you just love easy ready-to-wear outfits that can amplify your regular style? So we’re giving you stylish two-piece looks from some of our favourite retail brands like Sapphire, Ethnic & much more.

What’s more at Sapphire, Ethnic & much more is that, we’ve picked stylish two-piece looks that are easy and fun to carry if you’re not into wearing three-pieces, moreover they look young and can be worn at work or just casual hang outs.

Desi wear doesn’t have to be boring, there are multiple ways to get your suits stitched, from adding embellishments to embroideries with apparel and accessories, nothing can go wrong.

So here are our 4 stylish two-piece looks from brands like Ethnic and much more.

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This embroidered and textured unstitched stylish two-piece from Sapphire is a fabulous pick.The color is trending and the way it’s styled adds all the charm to it. A very transitional outfit this season.

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.