There is a new boom when it comes to local brands and retail, we see many new names enter each year bringing new concepts in fashion and design. Some grow into a chain of stores, boasting of multiple outlets, other die an untimely death. However, those who stand the test of time really find the Pakistani market to be brand friendly and experiencing constant growth. stylo

I remember when I would go to pick my khaala from Punjab University Campus on the Mall, just behind the campus was a place full of wonder, goodies and my favorite cone ice cream. The place was called Anarkali, and if you are a Lahori born in the 80’s you would vouch that Anarkali was the place for everything. And this was where, the now mega successful brand Stylo, was born.

With more than 100 stores across Pakistan, and 16 stores opening this week, the brand has come very far since the 80’s. It is a typical desi shoe brand, so the aesthetic and prices are exactly what the average Pakistani likes and can afford. It is convenient and affordable shopping, and any kind of shoe one wants, whether its a khussa, chappal, sandal or bling, you are bound to find it at Stylo.

While its a complete success story, when we visited their store we decided to pick 16 things that caught our attention at the store, paying tribute to their massive development and hoping more and more local businesses thrive like stylo!

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.