Sahar Amin

palatino;”>Use a moisturizing shampoo to help hydrate hair and calm frizz. Apply conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends to seal the cuticle and promote shine

  • palatino;”>Blow-dry the back section first with a large round brush. Guide the brush and the nozzle of your blow dryer from roots to ends to get the cuticle to lie flat. Repeat these steps for the other two sections
  • palatino;”>Begin in the shower by washing with a volume-enhancing shampoo. Apply a small amount of conditioner to just the ends so hair won’t get weighed down especially at the roots, where you need lift.

  • palatino;”>Blow-dry while your head is upside down and work your fingers from back to front, gently massaging the roots. When your hair is completely dry, flip it back over and use your hands to help shake up hair.
  • palatino;”>Wash with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner (sulfates can strip hair of natural moisturizing oils).Nourish and hydrate hair by applying leave-in conditioner to hair. Using a wide-tooth comb, work the conditioner from roots to ends.

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    palatino;”>Sahar Amin is a MakeUp Artist (Depilex (PK), Glauca Rossi, (UK) with extensive qualifications in Hair Styling and Color (Vidal Sassoon, UK). After spending some years training with names like Tariq Amin and Amna Raja, Sahar and her hand-picked team of beauty specialists can now be found at Sahar’s Salon. Sahar’s Salon provides everything for you to glam up for your special nights out, and feel …pampered for relaxing nights in.
    palatino;”>Sahar’s Salon
    palatino;”>Bedian Road
    palatino;”>Phone: 0092 423 7165717

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